Arizona Has the 4th Highest Rate of Pedestrian Deaths in the Nation

Pedestrians have it rough here in Arizona. It’s not the safest place in the world to try to live without a car…or even to dash around downtown in the hopes of getting back to a parked one.

“Wide arterial roads invite drivers to go beyond the posted speed limit while pedestrians are forced to scour the area for a marked crosswalk. It’s not uncommon to see someone cross a roadway outside an intersection, risking their safety to avoid an arduous, roundabout path to reach their destination. While some make it to the opposite side without a scratch, others aren’t so lucky.” –AzCentral

While we are certainly willing to bring a personal injury case on behalf of a pedestrian, or pursue a wrongful death claim, we’d rather people just stay alive. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to be dashing through the streets on foot.

Be Aware of Lighting

76% of pedestrian crashes happen after dark. Crosswalks are safe only if drivers can see pedestrians trying to get across. Unless you’re in an area with lots of street lights, you should consider wearing PPE like flashing lights or reflective vests if you’re going to have to walk around at night.

Maybe someday Arizona cities will get technology like thermal traffic detection cameras, but until that happens you should assume that drivers might struggle to see you.

Make Eye Contact

Look drivers in the eye before trying to cross. It’s the only way to be sure that the driver has seen you, no matter what time of day it is. It also activates a very human instinct. When you make eye contact you consciously enter that driver’s mind as a human being worthy of protection.

Without that contact they may see you peripherally, but only register you as a bit of movement out of the corner of their eye. Even the safest drivers can be somewhat distracted by their own thoughts or stresses in today’s hectic world. Making eye contact helps to slow them down.

Take That Roundabout Path

It’s a safety issue…and a liability one. If you can’t find a convenient crosswalk where you are, walk until you find one.

Remember, if you do end up having to fight your way through a personal injury case after being hit by a car, you’re going to have to account for your own actions. If you break traffic laws for the sake of convenience you may not be able to recover enough money to help create a viable case. You’ll have to deal with the twin challenges of high medical bills and intensive injuries.

While the ideal is to avoid getting hit by a car altogether, you nevertheless want to make sure your actions are above reproach if the worst does happen.

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