What to Do If Someone’s Dog Bites You in Phoenix, AZ

What to Do If Someone's Dog Bites You in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix AZ dog bite personal injury is not a silly subject for the victim. This this is a complete guide for the victim of dog bites. Dogs can cause serious injuries. Often these wounds can scar. Truly strong dogs can break your bones. There have even been cases where dogs have injured the eyes of the people they’ve bitten.

Owners are responsible for the conduct of their dogs. If you’ve been bitten you have the right to recover damages to help you cover your medical expenses, lost work time, pain, and suffering. Our attorneys can help you bring your dog bite case to a successful conclusion.


What should I do if someone’s dog bites me?

Seek medical attention right away. You should also take a photo of the wound. While you’re receiving medical care, document the facts: where you were, the date, the time, where the dog’s owner was, why you were there, and what, if anything, you were doing with the dog at the time.

It’s wise to reach out to a personal injury attorney as soon as you have received medical care. You’ll usually be going up against the dog owner’s homeowners insurance company. They don’t want to pay you, or they want to pay you as little as possible. They will be looking for ways to reduce their liability.

Get an attorney before they reach out to you so you can refer them straight to your attorney right away. Your attorney can even file the claim for you. This is good because insurance companies have many tricks. Their adjuster may try to get you to say things or sign things which may keep you from getting your claim paid. 


How much is a dog bite lawsuit worth?

Nationwide, the average cost of a dog bite claim is around $44,760 [Source: Spotlight]. This amount typically covers your medical bills, compensation for time taken off work to see to your injuries, and your pain and suffering.

Every dog bite case is different of course. Keep in mind that Arizona is a comparative negligence state. That means your behavior will be scrutinized in the case. Were you taunting the dog? Attempting to touch or play with the dog after the owner told you to stop? All of these facts can play into the case and can reduce your award.

If the owner’s dog was on public property and wasn’t on a leash then the Arizona Revised Statute says the owner can be criminally charged. This may mean you can recover punitive damages as well.


What will happen to the dog that bit me?

Worried about harming the dog because you pursue a personal injury claim? Don’t be. Dogs aren’t generally put down in Arizona just because they get involved with a dog bite case.

This little fact frees you to worry about you: your injuries and your expenses.

Have you been injured by a dog? If so, call our office to schedule an initial consultation today.