How To Deal With Insurance Adjusters In Personal Injury Cases

The insurance industry has deliberately injected a great deal of confusion into the narrative around whether or not you have to talk to them after an accident. This confusion serves the entire industry, and it’s little wonder that so many people make so many mistakes after they start their personal injury claim. They also know that how to deal with insurance adjusters in personal injury cases. Or if you need any help from an expert then contact Tony Merchant soon.


Here’s what you need to know about dealing with insurance company’s, both the defendants and your own.


Yes, you have to communicate with your own insurance company.


Unfortunately, most insurance companies include clauses in your coverage contract which demand your cooperation in their claims investigations. So if you get into an accident, yes, you have to inform them right away.


You have options here. In many cases, if you stick to the facts here you’ll be fine. Your interests and the insurance company’s interests are aligned. They want the other driver to be found at fault just like you do so that they don’t have to pay and the other company does.


Nevertheless, you can have your attorney file your claim with your insurance company, too. It’s a good way to avoid getting statements on tape or on paper which could come back to bite you later. There’s always the chance your insurance will have to pay you out of your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, for example, and you don’t want to look back and find you’ve given them excuses to deny your claim.


You do not have to give the defendant’s insurance company any kind of statement.


You don’t have a contract with them. They’ll say they can’t pay you till you give a statement, and that hardly matters before you’ve talked to an attorney. If you have a strong case the only thing they’re going to do is give you a lowball offer you probably shouldn’t accept anyway.


It’s on them to investigate the case in a way that helps the defendant, and that doesn’t include getting you to spill details. Tell them they are welcome to contact your attorney and leave it at that.


There are times when you’ll go to an attorney and the attorney will say: this is a routine case and you don’t really need me for this. This tends to happen when injuries are very minor, or where there are no injuries and it’s just a property damage claim. Believe it or not insurance companies often just handle these smaller claims without fuss. If you’ve already spoken to an attorney then there’s no real harm in deal with an insurance adjuster. 


If you both have the same insurance then be very careful and involve a lawyer even fast than you otherwise might. 


The other driver has Progressive, and you have Progressive too? Well, now the insurance company is kind of looking to screw you both. They have to pay out, either way, so they’re going to be looking to set fault at close to 50/50 so they can make up for it by raising both your rates later.


At this point, it’s better to just let your attorney talk to them unless you have one of those aforementioned routine cases. 


Ignore attempts to pressure you. 


One common tactic is for the insurance company to give you some sort of deadline in the hopes of tripping you up. Yeah, they can refuse to offer you a settlement if you don’t play ball by the deadline.


And you can sue them if they don’t offer you a fair settlement. 


The two-year statute of limitations is your deadline. Worry about that one.


Have you already talked to an insurance adjuster? We can fix this. 


It happens. You’re stressed, you’re exhausted, the insurance company approached you while you were still in the hospital and in pain, maybe even while you were drugged. They do it all the time.


Just contact us and we’ll get to work on crafting a strategy that will help you. In addition, we will look at the whole of your case. There may be other parties that you can hold responsible for your accident, individuals whose insurance companies haven’t thought to pester you yet. 


Have you been injured in an accident? Contact our office today. We help accident victims throughout the state of Arizona, and we’re ready to help you, too.