Important Evidence in Your Arizona Car Accident Claim

Important Evidence in Your Arizona Car Accident Claim

In a personal injury case, the burden of proof falls to the plaintiff. That is, it’s going to be your attorney’s job to back every claim you make with some manner of evidence, even if your case never gets to trial. This is because the strength of your negotiation position in a settlement conference depends, in part, on how strong your case would be if it did have to go to trial.

This makes it a great idea to know and understand what the important evidence in a personal injury case looks like. This is because you will play some role in gathering, preserving, and passing that evidence on to your attorney.

Your attorney will, of course, provide a list of their own. Yet this can get you started. It’s even helpful if you can gather all or most of this list prior to your initial consultation, though it’s not strictly necessary for you to do so.


Evidence from the Accident Site

If you can, then you already know you should be gathering certain key pieces of evidence at the accident site. Photos are some of the most valuable: take as many pictures of everything as you can, including the damage to yourself, the damage to your vehicle, photos of prevailing conditions, and more.

You should also take photos of the other driver’s insurance information so you don’t risk transposing a number or miscopying it while you’re in pain.

Getting a copy of the police report is paramount, as is gathering the names and numbers of any witnesses who happen to be on the scene. If the insurance company tries to communicate with you by mail you should save copies of those documents as well.


Evidence of Economic Damages

As you receive treatment and begin to recover you’ll need to start gathering evidence of your economic damages. This includes:

  • Medical records, bills, explanation of benefits statements, and other insurance records.
  • Pay stubs, tax documents, communications with your employer about your ability to work.
  • Bills for household services you had to purchase while recovering.
  • Bills for long-term care such as physical therapy or home health care.

All of these can help ensure your settlement gets calculated correctly.



Your attorney will be gathering some witnesses on your behalf: mostly expert witnesses who can give the court a credible statement on how your injuries are impacting your life, or accident reconstructionists who can help prove your stance on fault and negligence is the correct one.

Yet if there were eye witnesses to the accident we also need to bring them in. With any luck you’ve managed to hold on to their contact information and pass it on to your attorney.


Need Help?

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