4 Steps Arizona Residents Should Take When Injured by Defective Products

Injured defective products

Product liability cases are some of the most difficult personal injury cases to pursue. When you face any kind of Injured defective products you’re usually going up against a big corporation that has a team of lawyers just ready to fight your case tooth and nail. They do not want to pay, they do not want the PR nightmare that comes from paying, and they are not going to make your life easy.

To win these cases, your attorney must prove that the defect or dangerous condition was an act of negligence and that it was directly responsible for the injury. The defense team will be trying to show that you misused the product in some way, and were thus responsible for your own losses.

Sometimes these cases are lost or won on the day of the injury. Much depends on the actions you take next.

Defective products


1) Secure the Product Immediately

The defective product is evidence and should be treated as such. You’ll want to immediately save it and store it in a safe, secure place. You may even want to lock it up to ensure  nobody in your household accidentally throws it away. In some cases, it might be prudent to store the product in a Ziplock bag.

Unless the product is actively on fire, you are going to want to preserve it exactly as it appeared at the moment of your accident.


2) Secure the Product Documentation Immediately

The strongest personal injury cases are the ones where the plaintiff thought to save the original documentation that came with the product. The original is the most valuable, as versions of documentation do change and it’s most useful to have the one that came with your product.

Still, if you did not preserve the original documentation then searching the internet for the standard documentation may do in a pinch. Either way, get the version that’s extant on the day of your accident if you can.


3) Avoid Giving in to Manufacturer Demands

Sometimes manufacturers try to get defective products from plaintiffs by claiming they need to “conduct tests” on the items. While they do get their chance to look at the evidence, there’s an order of operations. You’ll want your own attorney’s experts to get a look at the evidence first.

Note that you shouldn’t try to do your own testing. Store the evidence, but try not to handle it. You could end up spoiling it, and facing sanctions from a judge as a result.


4) Involve an attorney as quickly as possible

You should think about doing so the moment you’re medically capable of picking up the phone. The earlier you involve an attorney the stronger your case is going to be. As soon as you file a claim many different corporations who were involved with the manufacture, sale, and distribution of the product are going to try to get in touch with you. Not only that if you face any kind of problem of injured defective products, feel free to make a consultation with us.

Each of these people is a potential defendant in your case and you will want to deflect all of them to your attorney.

Products liability cases are not easy to win. Yet if you have catastrophic injuries as a result of your case then you’re going to need the settlement money. Don’t put it at risk. Contact us for a free consultation today.