4 Mistakes That Can Harm Your Wrongful Death Claim In Tucson

People often fail to realize that it’s possible to harm a wrongful death case. After all, the people bringing the case were not the ones involved in the incident. Clearly, they’re blameless, so how can they make mistakes? So right now you will get to know about the most major 4 mistakes that can harm your wrongful death claim in Tucson. We hope that from now on you will always be aware of this. Also hope that from today you’ll never be involved in this kind of incident again. Or if you need any help from an expert wrongful death Attorney then, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Yet in the complex world of personal injury law, a great deal can go wrong. Keep in mind that insurance companies often don’t want to pay wrongful death claims any more than they want to pay personal injury claims.


They can and do use any misstep against you.  


Here are four actions to avoid. 


#1) Allowing family disagreements to cloud the claim.


Only certain members of the family may bring a wrongful death claim in the first place. This includes the victim’s spouse, child, parent, or guardian. A representative of the deceased person’s estate may also sue.


Yet only one claim may be awarded, and it must be split between the multiple eligible parties who file that claim.


That means there might be a lot of backbiting and contentiousness over who gets to file the claim, or how the claim will be shared.


Meanwhile, you need to pull together. The less you communicate, the more potential there is for the defendant to take advantage of your strife. One of your family members may even accept a lowball settlement on your behalf while you’re not paying attention!


#2) Talking about the event in public.


Don’t go to the media.


Don’t give your friends all the case details.


Stay off social media.


Anything you say will be used against you. Anything. It only takes one deviation from the narrative your attorney puts together to present your case to raise questions you don’t want raised. 


If you need to talk about the case on an emotional level, reach out to a therapist who has to keep your words as confidential as an attorney does. 

#3) Speaking to an insurance adjuster.


Insurance adjusters want nothing more than to lure you into dropping some detail which they can use against you later. They are very good at using seemingly innocuous questions to create a case against you later.


You have to speak to your own insurance adjuster most of the time, but if you’ve contracted an attorney you can let your attorney deal with them instead. You never have to talk to the defendant’s insurance company. 


In many cases, they will ask very personal questions about your relationship to the victim. Often they’ll sound very concerned. The real purpose is to try to prove you didn’t have enough of a relationship with the victim to have any right to press a wrongful death claim, or that your relationship wasn’t that close so you shouldn’t be paid very much for your bereavement claim. 


#4) Waiting too long to involve an attorney. 


Wrongful death claims have a 2-year statute of limitations. The defendant’s insurance company will try to delay you as much as possible in the hopes of running down the clock. In addition, the longer you go without a lawyer the more mistakes you’re likely to make. The more mistakes you make, the less your case is worth.

You can call an attorney at any point. Ideally, you’d do so as soon as you become aware that you want to pursue a wrongful death claim.


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