Types of Personal Injury Cases and an Overview of It

Types of Personal Injury Cases and an Overview of It

In Canada, personal injury cases are widespread. Most of them get settled unofficially among the defendant, client, and attorneys. If the defendant party refuses to pay the asked money, then an investigation will happen and then trial.

In the trial, the judge will give a verdict. In this, if the defendant party is not satisfied, they may appeal for another hearing. But it is very rare. Let us read different types of personal injury, payment of the personal injury attorney, and how to set the money for compensation.


What are the types of personal injury cases?

There are various types of personal injury cases such as motorbike or car crash/accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, workplace accident, premises liability, product liability, slip in the neighborhood, dog bite or animal attacks, etc.


1. Motor vehicle accidents

Every year, thousands of accidents take place on the streets, especially via motor vehicles. It can be deadly or highly injurious for the victim. To claim compensation for the accident, you could be anyone who’s hurt- driver or passenger or even pedestrian.

To go through your medical bills and trauma, the government tends to give you some money as compensation, although it can never change the sufferings you have gone through due to the accident.


2. Medical mistreatment

Sometimes by medical malpractice, unintentionally, the doctor makes a big mistake, which ends up hurting the patients in the long run. For example, while operating, a doctor crushed a blood vessel, a lot of blood loss happens, which can be treated only by extra efforts and money.

Now, this may cost more, take more days to recover, and sufferings are free with that. So, the doctors have to pay for the damage control, and in the future, they need to be more careful about that.

Now, in this step, to prove the malpractice of a doctor, it is a bit difficult to question their professionalism. That is why everything needs to be more analytic and scientific while asking them.

If it is possible, take help from another doctor by showing them your reports and bills. When the allegation is proven, you are going to get the settlement you have asked for.


3. Wrongful death

Wrongful death means when someone dies for the carelessness of other people, especially people in charge. It could be a truck/bus crash, medical malpractice, airplane crash, the side effect of a dangerous product such as medicine, packaged food, etc.

In this situation, death has happened, and there is nothing you can do to get back that fallen life. Here the compensation works for the family members who suffer from non-fatal sufferings. We all know money cannot buy happiness, but this is a little something to help them in their unbearable problems.


4. Workplace accident

Workplace accidents such as slip and fall, victims of AC blasting are supposed to get the compensation. When someone works in a constructional sight, and something injures them, they are most likely to et compensation to avoid any further police attempts. The compensation will depend on the severity of the injury.


5. Premises liability

Premises liability can happen anywhere from your neighbor’s lawn to a grocery store- streets, restaurants, hospital premises, etc. even the dog’s bite that needed stitches or injections is under personal injury lawsuits.

If you are a victim of the accident on anyone’s property and it is their carelessness that brought you there- slippery property, loosen and unvaccinated dog or pet or anything serious, you can claim your medical bills for that reason.

It may get settled in your meeting with them but be very careful before you settle matters. If possible, talk to your legal advisor before settling.


6. Product liability

Product liability is called when someone is injured by using the product and responsible for the accident. It could happen in two cases if someone sold defective products such as medicine, packaged food, children, food, etc. by taking them.

If someone gets sick, the company is bound to pay for the medical bills, and sometimes the product even gets banned (if the probable and reasonable reason for the accident is not shown).

Another problem can happen for defective hardware such as a car, air conditioner, truck, bus, electronic things, etc.

If any manufacturing issues are found, the whole company is going to get sued if they do not pay the injured person’s medical bills and other bills as compensation.


7. Others

This type of injury includes boat accidents. Food poisoning, slip, and fall. Dog bites, nursing home neglection or abusive behavior, etc.


Why should you hire an attorney for a personal injury case?

When the case is going to the court, and the case is entangled with various confusions, it is important to get a good and experienced personal injury attorney. Most of the attorneys demand around 30% of the settlement money you are going to get after the trial.

If you do not win the case, you do not have to pay the attorney’s bill except for some additional debits regarding your case. It may be costly to hire one, but for entangled cases, you should take help from them. If you do not have any prior experience with this type of case, let the attorney handle it.

As a victim, you are already suffering from unbearable pain. Let all this stress go to the attorneys while you can rest until your recovery. The attorney can also handle your medical bill tactics in which way, you can achieve more from that. They know doctors who can help you in this way. They will also come to testify your claim.


How much compensation and settlement amount an attorney charge?

As mentioned before, settlement money verily depends on the severity of the injury and medical bills, therapy bills (if needed). For minor injuries, they let the computers do the math. But in severe lifetime injuries, sufferings or death, it depends on the victim’s situations.

Usually, attorneys multiply all the expanses such as medical bills, therapy bills, loss of property, future problems regarding the accident, future debits, etc. with two or three and claim that money from the fault party. For example, you had a spine injury and have to take rest for six more months.

For operating, it cost you 25,000 dollars, and physical therapy, you will need another 25,000 dollars. As you are unable to go to work for six months, your lost salary should be given by them.

Let us guess it is 60 000 dollars. So, the compensation will be (25,000+ 25,000+ 60, 000) * 3 = 330, 000 dollars. If it is too much, then they can pay you on installments.



By paying money, nobody can lessen your physical and mental suffering for any type of personal injury case. But it will help you omit the loss and you were going through for money. If you have an injury that forbids you to do any heavy job, with the compensation money, you may invest it somewhere and do business out of it after paying all the debts (attorney, medical bills, etc.). When you are alright, you can go to work.

Whatever the situation, you have every right to claim your settlement as a citizen. But stay away for intentional injuries to earn money or defame the alleged party. If it is proven that you are corrupted, the other party may sue you. Stay true to the court and, if needed, hire a personal injury attorney.