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Phoenix Broken Bones and Fractures from Car Accidents

If you’ve been in a car accident then there’s a good chance you’ve suffered from multiple broken bones. These injuries can be quite serious and can come with lifelong complications if they’re not healed and treated properly.

Broken bones and fractures can generate massive hospital bills, can require time in traction, and can mean weeks of missed work. Let Tony Merchant help you get compensation for these expenses. Don’t let another driver drive you straight into bankruptcy. Call for a free consultation today.


Do I really need a personal injury attorney for broken bones and fractures?

Yes. Even a single broken bone is expensive enough, and sometimes serious enough, to warrant the launch of a personal injury case. Most car accidents result in multiple broken bones.

While a single broken bone might not result in the kind of personal injury payout you’ve seen on TV it’s still important to realize that your case may be worth thousands of dollars. Hospital collections are more aggressive than ever and you’ll need that money to help you avoid debt collection lawsuits and liens.

It’s also important to realize that broken bones and fractures can develop severe complications including vascular injuries, organ injuries, and arthritis. Some older adults have lost their independence as a result of these fractures. They’ve required surgery and have never quite regained the same range of motion as they had in the past.

Take these injuries seriously, and don’t let the insurance companies downplay them or shame you into trying to take whatever lowball settlement they offer. Let an experienced personal injury attorney take a look at your case.


Can you get a pain and suffering award for a broken bone or fracture?

Yes. In Arizona, pain and suffering is calculated as a multiplier of your economic damages.

So if your hospital bills, plus your lost wages, amounted to $10,000, then your pain and suffering award would be anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000: one to five times the amount of your economic damages.

The multiplier will depend on the severity of your broken bones and fractures, as well as the long-term impact they’re likely to have on your life. A simple broken arm that will be healed in six weeks would probably warrant a multiplier of “one.” Multiple fractures resulting in traction, surgery, and the potential development of arthritis could be worth a higher multiplier.

Your multiplier will also depend, in part, on your attorney’s negotiation skills. 92% of cases settle out of court. An attorney who can make a solid case for a higher multiplier will be more successful at getting you more money.


When should you call a personal injury attorney for broken bones and fractures?

It’s a good idea to call as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so. Consider calling on the day of the accident, before you get in touch with any insurance companies. Tony Merchant can file your claim for you, can deal with them, and can help you avoid making mistakes which could impact your case.

We won’t try to settle immediately…that happens after you reach maximum medical improvement. We will protect you, gather evidence, and ensure you have the strongest personal case.

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