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Phoenix Child Injury Attorney

Child Injury attorneys are a great help when your child gets hurt or injuries due to some sort of accidents or negligence. They can handle all the legal action on behalf of your child and try to recover their life legally and financially.

According to a report, in our country, there are fourteen million children get injured in several kinds of incidents and accidents each year. Among those children, more than 6 six thousand children lose their lives. Now it’s a fact because whenever a child gets injured not only he or she gets affected by it but also their family, particularly their parents, get affected the most.

After an accident to the child can drastically change the children’s and their parent’s present and future life. The child may need full-time care, which is going to affect working parents. The treatment of the child may need an extended period, which may lead to a financial imbalance to their parents. Besides this processing, all the legal issues there may involve financial investment that also may difficult for the parents.


Hire the Right Child Injuries attorney for Help

Finding a child injury attorney may difficult for you because children are sensitive, and their lives are precious to us. You cannot compromise on anything about your child; instead, you should get the most experienced legal adviser for your child.

At Tony Merchant, our attorneys are dedicated to providing child injury services to our clients. They are solely practicing child injury cases for more than a decade, and it helps them to be friendly with our clients.

Let’s see why Tony Merchant is the most useful choice for your case.

  • Tony Merchant has experience for more than fifteen (15) years in child injury cases.
  • We have multiple dedicated teams for child injury cases.
  • Our clients get an individual team for their cases
  • You can contact our attorneys anytime you need them to answer your queries.
  • Our child injury attorneys are well trusted and friendly to our clients.
  • Central law society certifies our attorneys as reputable.
  • We have affordable service packages and comfortable payment methods.


Knowing Child Injuries Attorney Benefit Law

Knowing your civil rights is essential for every citizen of the country. When a child faces an accident, they cannot do it by themselves. There are specific rules and regulations for those places where children visit or play or stay. Due to the responsible people’s negligence, if your child gets any damages, then based on the law, you will get compensation after going through a few processes.

Here are some criteria based on them; the authority will decide your compensation amount.

  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Lost Current Lifestyle
  • Rehabilitation Cost
  • Emotional and Mental Distress
  • Damaged Running Earning Capacity
  • Future Earning Capacity
  • Pain and suffering


Injuries to a Child That You can Warrant Civil Action

You should be aware of your child that they do not face any accident and take precautions as much as you can. However, there are different situation when your child get hurt from an accident. Here is a list of the type of accident your child may get involve in. You should know this because after your child faces an accident, then you must include information regarding the accident in the application form.

  • Accidents in unsecured swimming pools
  • Injuries that happened on school trips or at camp
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Incidents in unsecured trampolines
  • Defective car seats, toys, and other children/infant items
  • Injuries brought on due to childcare negligence
  • Child Slip & Fall


Getting Support for Child Injuries Attorney

At Tony Merchant, we have acquired millions of dollars for our clients. Our attorneys understand that children are very sensitive, and they need personalized care when it comes to their safety and wellbeing. We have a dedicated team of well-recognized attorneys for each of our services at Tony Merchant.

If you want to get the most reputed attorneys recommendation, then call us at (480) 581-8801 . You can also email us telling a little about your case at info@tonymerchant.com to schedule a  one-time appointment for a consultation with our recognized child attorneys . We also have an active customer representative team who are waiting to answer your query through the contact form above.