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Phoenix Construction Injury Attorney

Have you been injured on a construction site? If so, you’re facing a complex personal injury case. You’ll require an expert in this area of the law if you’re going to make a successful claim.

Even the act of pinpointing who is ultimately responsible for the accident can pose a challenge. Rest assured that every engineer, architect, developer, equipment manufacturer, materials manufacturer, property owner, and contractor who might be held responsible will be scrambling to try to pass the blame to some other entity.

If they can’t pass the blame to each other, they’ll try to pin the blame on you, or find some other reason why you can’t possibly press a valid personal injury case. You need an attorney who knows how to zero in on the hard evidence and present a case that gets you paid.


What causes construction accidents?

There are hundreds of hazards on your average construction site. Some of what we’ve seen includes:

  • Equipment failure, malfunction, or misuse.
  • Slips, trips, and falls from great heights.
  • Gas leaks, fires, and explosions.
  • Workers who get trapped in trenches.
  • Electrocution
  • Workers who get trapped by equipment or falling debris.
  • In-progress structures that fall, crumble, or crush people.

While workers are the primary victims of these accidents, they sometimes spill out onto surrounding areas, reaching people on public sidewalks. In addition, there are people who venture on job sites who have legitimate reasons to be there who might not be part of a construction crew.


Who can bring a construction injury lawsuit?

Theoretically, anyone who is injured can, but much depends on your status on the job site and who is ultimately deemed to be the responsible party.

If you’re an employee then a workers compensation claim is probably going to be your first stop. You won’t be able to hold your own employer liable under Arizona law. Instead, you’ll receive medical compensation and a replacement for your wages which will be paid by your company’s workers compensation insurance company.

If your employer was one of several responsible parties or was not involved then you might file a third-party claim on top of your worker’s compensation claim. You would essentially have two claims going at the same time, each quite different.

If you weren’t on the job when you got hurt then you can go straight to a personal injury claim against whichever party was ultimately responsible for the accident.


What should I do after a construction site accident?

If you’re physically capable of doing so, take photos, get the names and numbers of any witnesses, and call for medical attention. Say as little as possible about the accident, and try to avoid making statements like, “I’m fine.” Follow all of your medical provider’s instructions. Make note of any evidence your attorney might need to look for later.

It’s imperative that you get an attorney involved as quickly as possible. The earlier you can retain an attorney the more likely you are to win your case. Evidence in construction cases can disappear quickly. You want to avoid giving your opponents a head start, and you want to avoid giving their insurance companies an edge by speaking to them without an attorney’s help.


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