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Phoenix Pedestrian Injury Attorney

Accidents between passenger vehicles and pedestrians are often tragic. They almost always result in severe, sometimes catastrophic injuries that can change the accident victim’s life.

Yet there’s no guarantee that the pedestrian will recover compensation for their accident. Being the smaller, less protected person in the accident won’t take you very far. Even having the proverbial “right of way” won’t get you very far if you try to take on the insurance companies alone.

Protect your ability to recover funds for your accident by retaining a qualified personal injury attorney from Tony Merchant and Associates. We can help you make a strong case that ensures you get the compensation you deserve.


Are drivers always at fault for pedestrian accidents?

No. Both drivers and pedestrians have a legal duty of care to obey traffic laws and to try to prevent accidents. That’s why the insurance companies will fight so hard to pin the blame for the accident on you. They won’t have to pay much to make the driver whole again. The driver is probably uninjured, and may not even have a dent in their car.

Meanwhile, you’ve got big expensive injuries that they don’t want to cover. So they’ll claim you left the curb. Jaywalked. Darted out in front of the car. Walked somewhere you shouldn’t. Just couldn’t possibly be seen to the point where the accident was unavoidable. Whatever it takes.

Worse, pedestrians aren’t always in the best position to defend themselves. When two drivers get into an accident they’re usually both awake and aware enough to exchange insurance information. Many pedestrians are bleeding heavily or are unconscious after the accident. They’re not exactly in a position to snap photographs or ask questions.

This is why pedestrians need a qualified personal injury attorney. If you’ve been injured in an accident our team of experienced pedestrian accident attorneys will help you recover the funds you need to pay medical bills and other expenses associated with the accident.


What does a typical pedestrian accident settlement look like?

There’s no such thing as a typical settlement. We’ve seen settlements of anywhere from $100,000 to $4.5 million. It depends on the extent of your injuries, the specific facts of your case, how comparatively negligent each party was, and whether the driver was doing anything that might incur punitive damages, like texting while driving.

Once your attorney has had a chance to review all the facts of your case it will be easier to give you a ballpark best case and worst case scenario.


When should you retain a pedestrian accident attorney?

You can retain a pedestrian accident attorney at any time. If you want your case to be as strong as possible, it’s a good idea to look for yours even before insurance companies start trying to talk to you.

While healing should be your first priority, it’s not a bad idea to find one the moment you’re medically capable of looking for one. We can file your claim on your behalf. The longer you wait, the more of a head start you give the defendant, and the more chances you create for insurance companies to weaken your case.


Why Tony Merchant and Associates?

A 30-year track record of successful cases doesn’t lie. Our team of attorneys has successfully achieved results for other pedestrians just like you. We’re committed to fighting hard for your rights.

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