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Phoenix Slip and Fall Attorney

While not every trip and slip will result in a serious personal injury case, there are some that are absolutely worthy of a claim. Severe slips and falls can result in broken bones, in spinal injuries, and in neck injuries that can lead to a loss of independence in some adults. They can also lead to chronic pain in the future.

Even the expensive initial emergency care will be reason enough to seek compensation in many cases.

While the insurance lobby would love for you to believe that everyone who seeks compensation for a slip and fall is simply malingering, attempting to get money for a relatively minor injury that happens to everyone, nothing could be further from the truth.

A slip alone doesn’t result in a personal injury case. In order for a slip and fall case to work, someone who had a responsibility fell down on the job. You’re not trying to get rich by pressing your claim. You’re trying to hold them accountable for the very real financial losses which you stand to suffer if they don’t step up.

Is it hard to win a slip and fall case in Arizona?

Arizona is a tough state for personal injury cases in general and for slip and fall cases in particular. Juries are quite wary of slip and fall cases here, and tend to scrutinize them more than they might scrutinize a routine car accident case.

To win in a tough state, you need a tough attorney. The attorneys at Tony Merchant and Associates have the experience and the legal acumen to help you win over even the toughest courtroom. We’re also skilled enough negotiators to keep the case out of juror hands in most cases, making your settlement about hard numbers instead of about local opinion.

How much are slip and fall settlements?

There’s no such thing as an average slip and fall settlement. A minor settlement might mean $20,000. A major one may mean $500,000. The exact figures will depend on the extent of your injuries and the facts of your case.

Arizona’s contributory negligence laws come up a lot in slip and fall cases. You can expect an attempt to portion at least some of the blame back onto your shoulders, so that the amount of money the defendant has to pay is ultimately reduced. Your attorney will be responsible for deflecting as much of the defendant’s counterclaims as possible, while attempting to negotiate the highest possible settlement on your behalf.

Why Tony Merchant and Associates?

Our 30+ years of experience is the asset you need to win personal injury cases in tough states like Arizona. We have a long, successful track record of helping slip and fall victims get the settlements that help them pay their expenses.

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