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Every day, we purchase products believing that they’ll be safe if they’re just used properly. Most of the time, we’re right. The implicit agreement between consumer and provider holds true. Products are rarely actively harmful.

Yet occasionally, someone decides to cut some corners. They use materials they know are substandard. They choose to skip some safety steps. They release a product onto the market that actively causes injury, even when it’s used correctly.

If you’ve been injured by one of these defective products, you have the right to pursue compensation. Yet products liability cases are anything but easy. You’ll need the expertise of a savvy personal injury attorney to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

What is product liability?

A product liability is a type of personal injury lawsuit that happens when a product proves to be dangerous or defective in some way. The defect may be of design, in the manufacturing process, or in the process of packaging wherein improper or inadequate safety warnings are included.

Like any personal injury case, product liability all involves a failure in a duty of care. Either the manufacturer, the distributor, or the seller of the product has breached their duty and caused an injury as a result.

What should you do if you’ve been injured by a defective product?

Avoid the impulse to throw the product away. Safely store the remains of the product, packaging, and any instructions that came with the product. This is all vital evidence that you will need to pursue your case.

Take photos of the product directly after the incident, and your injuries. Of course, you should immediately seek medical attention and follow your medical provider’s instructions to the letter.

Contact an attorney before you contact anyone else. If you contact the company first you’re giving them a head start, essentially putting them on notice that a lawsuit may be imminent. Give your own attorney a head start by giving them the opportunity to review the facts of the case first.

Once you’ve chosen an attorney, direct anyone who tries to communicate with you about your case directly back to your attorney, and stay off social media. This will ensure you don’t inadvertently say or do something which might weaken your case.

Are product liability cases hard to win in Arizona?

Personal injury cases, in general, can be difficult to win in Arizona. The insurance industry has done a fine job of making people suspicious of people attempting to make personal injury claims.

You can overcome this difficulty by working with an attorney who understands exactly how to make your product liability too strong to ignore.

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