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Phoenix Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries from Car Accidents Attorney

Whiplash cases can be hard to win in the Arizona area, as can soft tissue injury cases. The media has done an excellent job of discrediting the victims of this painful injury. You’ll need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you make your case.

As lampooned as it is, whiplash is no laughing matter. It can cause chronic neck pain, severe fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. It can lead to neurological symptoms like depression and memory problems. It can also lead to a limited range of motion that can make it difficult to engage in your normal activities.

Don’t let the media stop you from pursuing your whiplash case. Get help from Tony Merchant today. 30+ years of personal injury experience means he has what it takes to take on an Arizona whiplash case, and to win.

How much compensation will you get for whiplash?

Whiplash is like any other car accident injury. It results in medical bills, which means you suffer from an economic loss. These economic losses will form the cornerstone of your personal injury settlement.

If you must miss work to recover from whiplash then your settlement will also cover your lost wages.

On their own, whiplash injury settlements are not multimillion dollar cases. Yet the several thousand dollars that you can get for such a case can mean the difference between paying all your medical bills and having to deal with aggressive collection agencies who might even sue you for the balance.

In fact, working with a personal injury attorney to settle your whiplash case can stop collections as we can tell them a case is in progress and let them make a claim against it. This will stop actions against you and will allow you to focus on healing. This alone is reason enough to explore the possibility of getting an attorney’s help.

Do you get a pain and suffering award for whiplash?

Yes. In Arizona, this is calculated using a multiplier. Your economic damages will be multiplied by a number between one and five, and this additional amount will be added into your settlement as a pain and suffering award.

Whiplash tends to heal in two to three months unless it’s extremely severe, so in most cases, the multiplier for this injury will be around a one or a two unless you also have other injuries that complicate your case.

When should you call a attorney about whiplash?

You should call a attorney the day of the car accident. Just make sure you see a doctor first. Remember, whiplash can take several days to show up. One mistake many people make is they assume they’re okay, only to try to pursue a case when their symptoms show up. Without that initial medical care and diagnosis, it becomes much harder to draw a clear line between the car accident and your damages. Insurance companies will argue that you must have hurt yourself some other way if they even accept you have whiplash at all.

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