Truck Driver Divorce Rates | How to Avoid Divorce As a Truck Driver


Generally, most truck drivers have to struggle with their working life and personal life. Because in most cases, there is some communication gap between them and their spouses because of their work time. And when they start spending less time with their spouse, it is quite difficult to avoid some problems like trust issues. Statics says that only in the united states, the truck driver divorce rate is 36.9%.

That is why the divorce rate of truck drivers is a bit higher compared to other people. Therefore, people who want to maintain a good. Sometimes, those tips and tricks can be very helpful and effective in maintaining a healthy relationship.

In this writing, we will explore the truck driver divorce rates and how to avoid divorce as a truck driver. So, keep reading the entire article for more.

Do Truck Drivers Have a High Divorce Rate?

Usually, truck drivers have to spend a lot of time in their workplaces. And sometimes, their work timings are also a very inconvenience for their family. For example, in some cases, some drivers need to work on the night shift. In that case, that driver needs to live apart from their family.

So, there is some communication gap between them and the family members. Likewise, they usually get less time to spend with their family members. As a result, the bonding and relationship become weak over time. For those reasons, divorce among the truck driver’s family is quite higher than normal families.

How Do I Deal with My Husband Being a Truck Driver?

If your husband is a truck driver, you may need to adjust few things to maintain a good and healthy relationship. First and foremost, when your husband is living apart from his workplace. Then, you can regularly communicate with your husband. To get some effective advice, contact a lawyer who can help you by giving you the best advice.

When you get the regular update from your husband, trust issues will go away from your relationship. However, if you think there is some communication gap, you need to spend more time with your husband. Then you can feel free to let your husband know about those issues.

When your husband is home, you should try to make your husband feel special. So you and your husband can spend some quality time together.  And always try to spend as much time as you can with your husband.

Tips for Maintaining a Relationship with a Truck Driver

There are so many tips and tricks for maintaining a relationship with a truck driver. Sometimes, if you are dealing with a truck driver’s husband, you can contribute to your relationship. But, always remember one thing, if you feel lonely for your husband. You are not the only person. Maybe your husband is also going through the same stage.

If you want a happy and healthy relationship. You will find a lot of advice and tips for maintaining your relationship online and from your family or friends. But some tips and advice are given in the following to have a happy relationship with a truck driver.

Spend as Much Time Together as Possible

Spending quality time does not mean that you and your husband spending the whole day, the whole night together. And in a truck driver’s family, it is not always possible to spend a lot of time together. But when you and your husband are together, you both should try to make those moments special.

Try to make your partner feel special. You can do the best thing that your partner likes. For example, if you cannot spend valentine’s together this year. Then try to make some other plans to celebrate that day. Those tiny little things will help you guys to spend some quality time together.

Always Try to Be Connected with Your Partner

In a good and healthy relationship, communication plays a very important and huge role. So it is really important to be connected with your partner every day. If you guys can keep in touch every day, you guys will not feel that communication gap. And if it is not possible to stay connected every moment, then try to text, call your partner at least once a day.

It is quite normal to have a communication gap between you and your partner. And especially when your partner is a truck driver. Because the work schedule will not be the same all time, so make sure that you are not blaming your partner for not communicating with you. On the contrary, you should always try to keep in touch with your partner. This will really help to maintain a good relationship.

Don’t Let Insecurities Block Your Path

This is another crucial point that you need to keep in your mind. When you and your will live apart. It is quite normal that insecurities will take place in your relationship. But it would help if you did not let insecurities block your path.

Insecurities are a significant threat to a relationship.  So if you cannot stop being insecure with your partner, there will be so many trust issues in your relationship. And eventually, it will ruin your happy, healthy relationship.

Avoid the Arguments

Having different arguments is quite normal in a relationship. Sometimes, when you know that you are correct, it is really impossible to avoid arguments. But in some cases, those arguments can lead your relationship to a horrible phrase. That is why it is always good and wise to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Especially when you and your partner have less opportunity to spend a good time together, you guys should not fall into any unnecessary arguments because bad arguments can make the other partner feeling unappreciated. You should always listen to your partner and pay attention to them.

Be Careful of Outside Advice

When you are in a relationship with a truck driver, it is normal that you guys need to spend some days apart. In such a situation, you may feel alone and lonely when you want to get rid of that loneliness. So you may talk to some other people. When you talk to other people, you will get various types of advice from those people.

Sometimes, talking help or advice from other people is completely okay. But All those devices are not always appropriate and good for your relationship all time. That is why you need to be careful of outside advice because some advice can ruin a happy, healthy relationship.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship is all about your effort and try. If you and your partner want to have a good relationship. You both need to put the same effort into that relationship. And if you are in a relationship as a truck driver, you should not let your profession enter your relationship.

Nonetheless, there are so many ways to have a happier family despite being a truck driver. Likewise, you can also follow all the tips mentioned above and advice for maintaining a good relationship. Hopefully, this writing will help you to avoid divorce as a truck driver.