Who is Liable in a Defective Auto Part Accident in Arizona?

Who is Liable in a Defective Auto Part Accident in Arizona?

A surprising number of car accidents are caused by defects with the vehicle or its parts. When that happens, the at-fault driver isn’t the only party you can pursue. You can also make a claim against the manufacturer of the defective part.

The first challenge will be to identify the defective part. Next, your attorney will have to find a way to prove the part was defective and that the defect was directly responsible for the accident.

Your attorney will also have to identify which party was responsible for the defect. Any given auto part passes through a lot of hands before it makes it into your car. There’s a designer and a manufacturer. There’s the company that sells and distributes the part. There’s the company that manufactures the car and installs the part.

Arizona law allows you to go after any negligent party involved with the manufacture, distribution, installation, or warranty of a motor vehicle part.

As you can imagine, securing the evidence that helps identify that party is the work of a skilled personal injury attorney. It may also take certain experts who can help find the weak link in the chain. Without that evidence, each of these companies will point the finger at the other, and your case may be too weak to win.

Once your attorney has identified the proper party then the claim may be filed. In some cases this claim may even be filed against multiple parties. For example, in some cases we might still go after the at-fault driver. Someone who was texting and driving was doing so regardless of whether one of the car parts was faulty. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for a defective part to exacerbate an already dangerous situation.

Some product defects don’t cause the crash directly, but nevertheless make your injuries worse.

For example, a faulty airbag didn’t cause the crash, but it might well have harmed you more after the crash happened. In this case the faulty airbag manufacturer would bear some liability for the worsened injuries.

Arizona assigns percentages of liability to each named party, so you may name any and every party who might have played a role without harming your case.

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