Will Weather and Construction Matters Car Accident Cases in Phoenix

will weather and-construction matter to your phoenix az car accident case

Often when people think of car accident cases they imagine two cars having their collision in a vacuum. In reality, there are often a number of other factors on the road. There are many more unexpected reasons that can be a cause for a car accident. The reasons like bad weather and construction site occurrences. But the question is will weather and Construction Matters Car Accident Cases?

Potholes, construction zones, bad weather, and a host of other issues can make an accident more likely. They can, in fact, create some additional factors in your personal injury case.

Road Damage

The city, in the case of Phoenix roads, and the state, in the case of the highways, has a duty of care to its citizens to keep the roadways maintained. This means that if a pothole, overgrown tree, poor road lighting, road debris, or other issues cause an accident that you might be able to hold these entities responsible for your damages as well.

Of course, holding a government entity accountable is never easy. Also, you’ll need a truly experienced personal injury attorney on your side if you’re going to get results. 

You also need to move faster than usual. The 2-year statute of limitations does not apply. You only have 180 days to file your Notice of Claim with the City. The same is true if you need to file a claim against the state.

Construction Zones

If conditions in the construction zone itself caused the accident then the construction company may sometimes be held accountable for your accident. This can be the case whenever the construction company fails to use the proper signage, was irresponsible with their equipment or fails to guide or direct traffic around their construction zone.

These cases can become more complicated because there are, at times, multiple drivers involved. It takes a dedicated accident attorney to untangle the facts of these sorts of cases and protect your rights in a way that gets you compensated. 


Weather can create complications for your case because the defendant’s attorney is going to want to paint the accident as an “unavoidable” consequence of the road conditions. This is bad for you because the personal injury law is not meant to cover you every time something bad happens to you. Instead, it’s meant to compensate you when someone has acted negligently and has harmed you as a result of that negligence.

Still, an experienced Phoenix injury attorney knows that drivers have a responsibility to account for weather conditions too. For example, during a storm drivers should be slowing down, putting their lights on, and taking extra care. If the defendant did not do that they can still be held accountable.

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