Why You Should Hire a Work Injury Lawyer?

Work Injury Lawyer Arizona

Because only work injury lawyers can help you get proper justice and compensation from the company. They are the people who will understand and know all tricks on how to give a tough competition to the opposite party.

Naturally, after facing any accident, we, along with our family, enters into a traumatic and challenging situation. They encounter financial crises and take supports from the family that is not often enough. The company also doesn’t help in bearing any treatment cost always, let alone other extra charges.

Although Canada’s government has passed strict laws against workplace injuries, we still find many cases where the company doesn’t take their injured employee’s liability. Apart from taking full responsibility, several companies don’t even pay the treatment fee. But, it is the number 1 legal right of the employee.

That’s why if you or anyone close to you faces such situations, you must hire a workplace injury lawyer immediately. They can help you in these challenging situations by fighting the case. Thus, you can have a sign of relief by not worrying anymore. Continue reading to know in detail.

Life is unpredictable, and you never know when you might get injured. We see tons of people get injured at work every year, especially the construction site and chemical factory workers.

A survey found that more than 2.8 million people get injured at their workplace every year worldwide.

By seeing the equation, you must get an idea of the ratio. Still, people need to work in these risky and dangerous areas almost every day. It is part of their life, and for many people, it is the only source of their income and livelihood.

The injuries that frequently occur in the workplace are occupational sickness, fractured or broken bones, mental trauma or wounds, deterioration of any pre-existing diseases, etc.

Any of these injuries are so severe that it has the power to impact one’s life so cruelly. It may last for a long time affecting both present and future life. A work injury attorney can help you by fighting the case on your behalf to bring you justice and total compensation.

Hence, if you or any members of your family is facing any such situations, below is a list of 5 top reasons why you must hire an injury lawyer:


Protects Rights

After getting injured, you will find yourself struggling with getting accurate compensation from your owner and the insurance firms. Your owners will try their level best to get rid of taking any responsibilities either by paying less or no money at all.

On the other hand, the insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible to protect their benefits margins. Hence, you need to hire a skilled and experienced work injury lawyer.

A professional lawyer gives them intense competition while negotiating without needing you to do anything. Having enough experience to handle these matters, the lawyers give you a break to make up your peace for a while. Their main aim is to protect your rights at all costs, so you are not deprived of your right.


Handles The Case With Ease

While handling a case from simple to complex, no one better than a lawyer can understand and manage the issues. They are well-versed in handling injury cases and know all the flaws, terms, and conditions which are unknown to us.

It is not a matter how weak you are and how strong and rich the fault party is. A skilled and experienced lawyer can turn your case favorable for you. They have all the knowledge and tricks about how to give a tough fight by making a solid case.

Moreover, the court proceedings or any other legal works require plenty of paperwork that we general people don’t know. Hiring them will give an edge from avoiding any paperwork faults to handle the case smartly and efficiently.


Better Negotiator

Applicants who hire a personal work lawyer tend to represent their case more fairly and appropriately than those who choose no lawyer. Besides, after facing an injury, you will naturally be in a challenging situation where everything will seem unbalanced. That’s why it is much better to hire a lawyer to negotiate and fight the case on your behalf.

The lawyers are better at negotiation as they have complete knowledge about all the legal rights and compensation that an employee deserves. They are well organized make a compensation list. They will represent the general damage to the physical and mental pain and its overall impact on your life.

Based on the total estimation, they will demand compensation so that you get what’s rightfully yours. Furthermore, the owner and the insurance company will also fear offering unacceptable compensation. These are the prime benefits if you have a good lawyer beside you.



After getting an injury, you will typically be in a traumatic state. It can be either the treatment cost or the loss of income. And in case of extreme injury like permanent disability of any part may also cost the job.

You will become eligible for a considerable payment or week-based payments as compensation for your lost incomes. It depends on the type of situation. The entire liability is to be taken by the company under whom you have been worked and seriously injured.

But as we see, the company, as usual, tries to pay no or negligible compensations along with the insurance companies. Hence, to get rid of this type of pain and torture, it is best to hire a good lawyer who will fight on your behalf. So you can remain stress-free and focus on making a better and normal life in the future.

Protects Rights


Company Strike Back

No matter how much safety protection an employee takes in a risky work environment, an injury can occur at any time. That’s why each company by law is told to ensure its safety by providing them with a safe work environment. Still, we find companies neglecting these crucial factors.

Instead of paying the rightful compensation, many companies demote or frighten the employee. That can be like threatening them about their wage, working hours, or even firing from their job. All these things are strictly prohibited. Anyone who does these will be considered guilty.

Hence, if you face any such mistreatment with you, hire a lawyer instantly. They will try their best to ensure rightful punishment for the company they deserve for doing such type of injustice. Not only will they fight for your case, but they will also make sure that you get proper justice and compensation.

Therefore, these are the top 5 reasons for which you should hire a work injury lawyer for yourself.


Can I Sue My Employer for Workplace Injury?

Generally, an employer is somehow restricted when it is about suing an employer for a workplace injury in civil court. However, there are 6 exceptions in which an employee can sue the employer:

  1. The wound is caused due to the physical beating of the employer.
  2. The wound has worsened due to something that the company is using deceitfully in the workplace. Such as the company uses banned chemicals that are harmful to the body.
  3. The employee is hospitalized due to the intake or use of any products given to him or her by the company.
  4. The wound has taken place because of any faulty or expired machines use.
  5. After an injury occurs, the company does not pay or take any liability for the work injury.
  6. The company hits back by cutting salary or fire from jobs due to the demand for work injury compensation.


Should I Get a Lawyer for Work Injury?

If you get the rightful compensation from your company due to the injury that occurs while working, you don’t require a lawyer. Otherwise, if you fall under the below-criteria list, you definitely should hire a lawyer for work injury:

  • The company pays less or rejects your compensation claim
  • The injury was so severe that it had caused a permanent disability
  • The insurance company tries to pay less amount that does not even bear the medical treatment also
  • Both your treatment and workability is affected due to the injury


How Long After a Workplace Injury Can You Sue?

An employee gets 6 months of time starting from the injury date for suing the employer after a workplace injury occurs.

If you have been wounded or have developed a severe disease due to working, immediately inform the employer and take medical treatment. In case your employer doesn’t take any action, it is better to complain to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) right away for compensation.

If you plan to take action, the faster you are, the better it is. But, if you cannot do it instantly due to some reasons, do it within 6 months. Otherwise, after 6 months, you cannot sue your employer no matter how wrongful s/he was.


How Much Do I Get Paid If Injured at Work?

If any employee gets severely injured while working at the workplace, it’s their legal right to get compensation (medical expense, loss of wage, or permanent disability). Although from state to state, the compensation ratio differs based on the severity of the injury.

However, the general ratio that most states follow is 75% of the employee income is to be given if any employee gets injured while working at the workplace.


The Bottom Line

It is tough on an employee to take care of the full expense required for the treatment. It is because workplace injuries tend to be serious in most cases.

We all know, dangerous workstations are one of the most unsafe places one can find themselves in.

So, we all should be aware of any danger. At the same time, about What to Do regarding an unexpected event like a workplace injury.

Hence, the best is to hire a work injury lawyer from the very beginning if your employer or insurance company seems uncooperative.

Thus, s/he can take the pressure from you, and you get what you deserve without worrying about anything.